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Competency Mapping

Competency Mapping

“A Competency is a set of skills, related knowledge and attributes that allow an individual to successfully perform a task or an activity within a specific function or job”.

It is about identifying preferred behaviors and personal skills which distinguish excellent and outstanding performance from the average. A Competency is the ingredients (skills, knowledge, attributes and behaviors) that contribute to excellence.


What is the organization expectation from the employee? What are the recurring and non-recurring activities? What are the critical abilities (knowledge, attitudes, skills, etc.) and the competencies required to perform these tasks and activities? These are some of the basic but essential questions to be answered in the early stages / phases of the organization.

Thus Competency Mapping has gained importance, due to following several reasons:
  • Increased costs of Manpower
  • Need for ensuring that competent people are available for performing various competent roles.
  • Down sizing and the consequent work to be done with less manpower, low cost and from the competent people and seeing the advantage / result to the customer.
  • If the organization has the right technology, right resources, right finance, customers and markets, right systems and processes in place then every thing can be set right or managed effectively.
Competency Mapping is important and is an essential exercise. Every well established or big firm or organization should have well established competencies for each employee so that the respective roles can be well performed. These competencies can be used for the following processes:
  • Recruitment and Selection process
  • Performance Management (for promotions, incentives)
  • Training & Development (for carrying out Training Needs Identification process)